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10 Foodie Travelers on Instagram to Follow Now

September 15, 2017
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My Favorite Foodie Travelers on Instagram to Follow Now!

I usually get my daily fix of foodie travel adventures on Instagram. From tapas to Tanzania, these pages will fill you with #wanderlust and get you hungry at the same time. Each account brings something unique to the culinary travel niche. I find them inspiring with a side of authenticity, filled with a real passion for food and travel. These accounts have led me to some amazing places with delicious food. So check out my list for 10 Foodie Travelers on Instagram you need to follow now, maybe they’ll inspire you too.


1. Forkinating

I recently discovered this account and fell in love instantly. With amazing up close photos of food, how could you not get hungry browsing at the photos on @forkinating. She’s currently in Morocco, so check out her latest photos of traditional Moroccan classics along with a pasta dish called Berkoukes.

2. Nikoza_travel

Niki describes herself as a food lover. As a food lover myself, I could not help but follow @nikoza_travel an account after my own heart when it comes to highlighting amazing food, and beautiful travel locations. Follow her for unprocessed, mesmerizing views of Greece.

3. Passport and Plates

I discovered Sally’s Instagram account year ago and knew she was a foodie after my own heart. Check out @passportandplates, a solo female traveler for her unique experiences as a Muslim foodie and be mesmerized daily by her beautiful photos.

4. Dash of Ting

Ting’s a foodie travel blogger who is all about providing healthy eating tips. But you won’t find boring salads here. @dashofting gives you a unique, colorful perspective on food and travel without the worry of expanding your waistline. Once I saw the avocados and coconuts I was sold. This is certainly one of my favorite foodie traveler accounts.

5. Electric Blue Food

I recently found this foodie travel account and I’m already hooked. When heading to @electricbluefood click at your own risk. WARNING! you will get hungry clicking these photos.

6. JM Bellotti

Julia had me at the chicken and waffles. @jmbellotti has mouthwatering photos taken up close that scream #foodporn. This girls been a round the world, so you’ll get a wide variety of foodie travel shots. Perfect for your daily foodie fix.

7. Our.Taste.of.Travel

This is definitely the account to follow right now if you’re new to foodie travel. I really love @our.taste.of.travel  because they strive for “authentic food experiences”, as described in the accounts bio. This includes unprocessed and unfiltered photos of food.

8. Sugar and Soul Co

With a great combination of food and travel Rebecca of @sugarandsoulco knows just how to give you your daily fix of mesmerizing culinary travel. Check our her account for colorful, vibrant photos from Maine to Rome.

9. krissariana

Ariana of @krissariana is a young foodie traveler with lots of amazing photos and travel experiences under her belt. Sadly though, she doesn’t have a blog. But follow her Instagram and you’ll get amazing photos of unique foods and beautiful locations she’s been to in Spain.

10. Trip Gourmets

As one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @tripgourmets is just one of those accounts that makes me want to log on to Expedia and book a trip somewhere. From the streets of Germany to the jungles of Costa Rica, they give you a healthy mix of food and travel that’ll keep you coming back for more.



Eat more and Travel on…………


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  1. Oh Yum! I’ve wanted to good IG foodie-travel folks to follow. These look so great! Half the reason I travel is the food! Thanks for pulling these together in one handy place.

  2. There’s more to sharing food on the web than just whipping out your phone and snapping off a shot. These accounts are excellent examples of how to enrich the experience. And make your followers drool!

    Food is essential to travel blogging. It’s all very well to describe the landscape, the streets, the beaches, the people, but food adds savour and spice to the experience. Otherwise, it’s like going to an exotic destination and dining at McDonalds!

  3. Oh noooo, this made me so hungry! haha I like following foodie accounts but they are definitely a torture to look at sometimes 😀 Thank you for sharing tho!

  4. I’m a foodie too but I can never become a food blogger because I always dig into the food the second they are served . Only when the food is half done I realize I’ve forgotten to take pictures. Point is, I really admire those who manage to take photos and can hold off their desire to just dig in. Will definitely check these amazing accounts out!

    1. Trust me I’m like that too. I have to consciously plan to not eat before taking my phone out. I’m like that with travel pics too. I flew over the beautiful Swiss Alps on the way back from Spain heading to Germany and realized after that I should’ve taken a picture of that! LOL!

  5. Food is the other facet of travel which makes it so much more exciting. Also the food of a region holds countless stories of its history and culture. All these accounts seem to bring the food stories alive Instagram.

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