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5 Memorable Things to Enjoy in Boston this Weekend!

February 5, 2017
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Boston is home to the Super Bowl Champs the New England Patriots, but there’s so much to see in this historical city that goes beyond sports. The city mixes old world charm with modern accessibility. Join me as I explore the city and all it has to offer for 2017 and beyond. 

1. Have a Tea Party at the Library:

Enjoy afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library’s Courtyard Restaurant. Reservations are a must, the hours are from 11:00am to 3:30pm, so be on time. Enjoy delicious scones, tea, sweet pastries and savory sandwiches for $49.00 per person. They also include a glass of sparkling champagne/wine. The tea room was not only spacious, but elegant and charming with views of the courtyard.

2. Take a Trolley Tour of the City:

Related image

Enjoy an exceptional sight-seeing tour with the Hop On/Hop Off experience that takes you around the city with https://www.trolleytours.com/ You don’t just get to see the city at your own pace, stopping at historical locations, like Bunker Hill and the Charles Street Meeting House, but you get discounts and/or free entrance to enjoy experiences such as the Chart House Restaurant and the Old State House Museum.

3. Visit the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum:

Photo of family reenacting at the Boston Museum

This floating museum, located on Congress st. brings history to life. With live actors and interactive experiences, visitors to the museum get to travel back in time exploring the past. Visitors get a chance to dump tea overboard the restored tea ship as colonialists did back in 1773. You can also enjoy a variety of tea aboard the ship at Abigail’s Tea Room and purchase souvenirs at the gift shop. Adult tickets start at $26, children tickets start at $16, you can save up to $2.60 per person if you book online in advance.

Visit the link below for more info:


4. Stroll the Boston Public Garden:

Strolling the public garden was such a serene experience. With long winding paths, a small footbridge and a Swan Pond that turns to ice in winter, visitors to Boston can enjoy the bustling city while taking time to retreat to this natural open space.  The garden also contained statues of historical figures including George Washington and Tadeusz Kosciuszko, individuals who played an important role in the countries revolutionary beginnings.

5. Ice-skate at the Boston Common Frog Pond:

Image result for ice skating at boston common

The Boston Common is located next to the city’s Public Garden, it has a historic graveyard as well as a pavilion located in the center of the park. If you’re looking for a little more to do, perhaps keeping you active after a meal at Cheers on Beacon Hill, ice-skating will do the trick. Check out the Boston Frog Pond Winter Programs https://bostonfrogpond.com/winter-programs/pricing-season-passes/ for more on the best time to arrive and the cost of skate rentals. The price of admission is based on the skater’s height at $6.00 per person for individuals over 58” and FREE! for those under 58″.

Feel free to use the Pins below:

Amazing things to do in Boston, like ice-skating at the Boston Common and Afternoon Tea and the Boston Public Library.  


Whether you’re in town for the weekend or the entire week, make the best of your time in this amazing city full of history.

Happy Travels!


  1. Excellent post! I was excited to read it from the time I saw it on FB. We are headed to Boston and New England this summer and it is very helpful. Love you blog, following you right now!

      1. Definitely. We’re doing Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine plus 3 days in Shenandoah NP. We will be gone almost 3 weeks. I can’t wait to have some stuffies and an awful awful in Rhode Island!

  2. I am really fascinated with Boston!! Would love to visit and thank you for all these great tips. Iceskating looks fun and I love the idea of a library tea party!!

    1. Certainly worth going back. Boston is an all day or all weekend affair. The Library afternoon tea is certainly a must. I’m heading back in the spring for the romantic swan boat ride.

  3. And I am only 52 inches tall! Result! Ice skating on the frog pond is now on my bucket list. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, it sounds like a wonderful place full of history. I don’t know if I could dump tea though, being English…?

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