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7 Things to See and Do in Alcudia

May 31, 2017
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There’s so much to see and do in Alcudia, where do I begin. I chose the northeast corner of Mallorca for the beaches and quiet atmosphere. It seemed I chose correctly, as the beauty of Alcudia has me dreaming of returning there again next year. If you’ve come to Alcudia or have been thinking about vacationing on the island of Mallorca, this list is for you. Here are some awesome things to see and do in Alcudia.

1. Exploring the Roman Ruins of Pollentia

As I didn’t do enough of my homework before heading to Mallorca, I was fascinated to discover their Roman past. It was great to find this little village still persevered here in Alcudia called Pollentia. Certainly a great place to stop if you’re a history buff into Roman history like my husband is. He was in heaven exploring these ruins. Visiting Pollentia can be reasonable, priced at under 10 Euros per person. You can also get a discount if you’re a student.

2. Sharing a Paella in Old Town

There were so many little restaurants and cafe’s for us to spend time while we were in the once Medieval community of the Old Town. My favorite spot was located in a lovely quaint square. The restaurant L’arca De’n Peter serves traditional Mallorquin and Spanish dishes. From the tapas, the sangria and the Mallorquin Flan to the seafood paella this place is the perfect place to get a taste of Mallorca.

3. Walking the Streets of Old Town

These quiet streets hold much history. I wonder what stories these walls would tell of Alcudia’s past. I was amazed by the architecture, the color of stones and the intricate designs of windows. There was something peaceful about walking down these streets, especially in the evening around 7pm when its still light outside, but all the tourists have gone back to their hotels. This makes Alcudia ideal for families and couples, looking for a relaxing vacation.

4. Getting a History Lesson at the Cathedral Saint Jaume

Originally built in the 1300’s and rebuilt in the late 1800’s the Cathedral Saint Jaume is an essential part of Alcudia’s Old Town. Contained within Medieval walls, a tour of the cathedral gives you a view into the Roman Catholic history of Mallorca.

5. Enjoying a Tasty Gelato or Two

Now who doesn’t love gelato. If your going to take a walk around Old Town, I suggest you have a gelato in hand. My favorite was the coconut (Coco), I visited the same shop several times on different days to get the same one. I couldn’t help myself. I was hooked. Fall in love with the people and architecture as you explore this historical community frozen in time.

6. Discovering Something New at the Weekly Alcudia Market


My husband bought me the most beautiful shawl at one of these artisan stalls. There were so many crafts, bags and jewelry pieces to see as we explored the market. Certainly a great place to stop if you find yourself in Alcudia.

7. Having a Cold Drink at the Plaza de Toros


After a long day walking around Alcudia where else would you stop than at the Plaza de Toro for a cold drink and a hsitory lesson on a great Spanish past time like bull fighting. It will only cost you 2 Euros. Along with the historical bull ring, there’s also a bar for beer and other cold drinks. We went in the middle of the day in the month of May and there were no crowds, be sure to check if there will be events when you visit.


If you’re looking for a peaceful, historical community with beautiful beaches in walking distance and amazing food, head to Alcudia. Spending time in Alcudia will make you fall even more in love with the beautiful island of Mallorca. We’re certainly making a trip back here next year.


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  1. This looks like an awesome trip Kellyn! If I’m being honest, I’ve never head of Alcudia. However, after reading your post, I would love to visit someday. Also, I’m a foodie, so I’m all about that paella. Yum!

    1. It’s alright Tiffany, I didn’t know about it until I was booking my honeymoon last year. The island of Mallorca is not really known to Americans but its a great place to vacation for sure.

  2. You say Spain, I say let’s go! I’ve never been to this part of the country, but it looks like it has everything that I enjoy about this part of Europe – delicious food, good weather, and beautiful architecture. I was thinking of going to Spain next month so maybe I will visit Alcudia very soon!

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