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7 Things to See and Do in Palma de Mallorca

May 23, 2017
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Fresh from my trip to Mallorca, there’s so much to share about my trip. I have to say my experience on this beautiful little island surpassed my expectations for sure. Although I stayed in Port Alcudia, I visited other towns and cities, including Palma, the islands capital. From the food to the architecture, there’s much to see and do on the island of Mallorca. Whether you are experiencing Mallorca solo or with family, here’s my list of 7 things to see and do in Palma de Mallorca.

1. Walking Through the Passeig des Born

Where else can you get a little luxury shopping with cafe dining and greenery all in one place. The Passeig des Born is a lovely tree lined avenue offering great seating, cafe’s, street performers and even luxury stores like Louis Vuitton for anyone passing through. After hours of walking around Old Town in the sun, stopping here for a few minutes to cool off under the trees before taking the bus back to Alcudia brought our day in Palma to a great close.

2. Visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina

First of all, let me say. This is the historical Royal Palace with a long history that included its use as an Arabian fort. It became a royal residence in the 14th century. There was so much for us to see for 3.20 Euros each. The grand halls and centuries old artifacts lure you into a past that includes, Arab, Roman and Christian roots. You can also find the old Gothic St. Anne’s Chapel as you enter the courtyard.

3. Visit the Santa Maria Cathedral

We didn’t go into the the Cathedral, but there’s so much beauty outside to mesmerize you for hours. Take a walk around the Cathedral and you will see fine Gothic elements of this large cathedral at the edge of Palma’s Old Town. For a more romantic view of the cathedral take a carriage ride around the cathedral and down narrow historical streets.

4. Walk along the Parc De La Mar

Taking a walk along the Parc De La Mar is a great way to either start or end your time in Palma. Located across from the Santa Maria Cathedral, running along the promenade, this is a great place to stop and reflect on your time in Mallorca. Most of all, its a great place for those with families as there is a children’s playground and a salt water lake where you can take long walks.

5. Explore the Placa Major Artisian Street Markets

If you like street markets and street performers the Placa Major is for you. I wasn’t much of a fan of the underground shopping mall, but the above ground square itself, had many restaurants and vendors selling cultural crafts that interested me. Certainly a place to stop and explore if your spending time in Palma’s Old Town.

Photo Credit: SeeMallorca.com

6. Enjoy Sights of Antoni Gaudi’s Architechure in Palma

Barcelona is known for its display of wonderful Gaudi architecture, I didn’t expect to see this on display in Palma. As we walked around Old Town, there were so many instances where his work was present, including the building below with details of mosaic tiles along the exterior walls.

7. Splash Around at the Beautiful Cala Major Beach

Finally, one of the best things about Palma has to be the fact that you get a bustling historical city with parks, harbors, castles and beaches all in the same vicinity. Take the opportunity to explore the beautiful beaches of Palma, especially Cala Major as you can get there by public bus.



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  1. I spent time along the southern coast of Spain, but never made it to Palma de Mallorca. How long were you there for? The markets are the most intriguing to me. I’d love to spend a day on the beach, and the evening walking and exploring!

  2. i haven’t been to this place yet and have been mildly curious about it! your list and photos sold me on visiting in the near future! bookmarking!

  3. I love markets and the beach! Everything in Palma looks so beautiful. Hope to visit Visiting Spain for a couple weeks this summer, but unfortunately will not make it to Palma. Thanks for sharing the great information!

  4. These photos look so amazing! I haven’t been here yet, but the architecture looks amazing. I would love to take a dip in that crystal clear water right about now!

  5. My only experience with Mallorca is going to Magaluf when I was 18… Don’t even know if that counts, haha! Absolutely about time to go back and experience other parts of the island, including Palma 🙂

  6. This is a great list and the pictures just speak for themselves. The Santa Maria Cathedral has pretty intricate architecture and the beach simply looks worth dying for. Thanks for sharing.

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