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7 Ways to Enjoy Montreal on a Budget

April 7, 2017
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Bonjour Montréal!

There’s something special about this beautiful city where most people speak French. Getting to Quebec was a six hour drive, but arriving in Montreal felt like we arrived in a European city. There’s much to do in Montreal on the cheap. Planning to arrive at a specific time of year can make a difference in how much you spend. Whether you’re traveling solo or with family, you want to have a budget that allows you to spend within reasonable means. Travel Tip: Notify your bank before you leave home, letting them know you might be using your bank card in another country.

Here are some fantastic ways to enjoy Montreal without breaking the bank.

7 Ways to Enjoy Montreal on a Budget:

1. Exploring the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal This museum will cost you $15 as an adult, but children under the age of 12 are FREE! Seniors and students also receive reduced admission rates. This modern, eccentric museum will open your mind on many levels with its amazing exhibits that focus on social issues and everyday life.

2. Walking through Old Montreal will certainly cost you nothing as you explore this beautiful city’s European past.

3. Visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica in Old Montreal. Your experience won’t be free, but it will cost you $12 for a 60 minute tour. Children under 7 can experience the Basilica for FREE!


4. Heading over to the Boise-de-Liesse Nature Park in order to take a break from the city. It will cost you nothing. But it will give you time to relax and reflect on your travel experience.

Photo Credit: http://baliseqc.ca/hiver

5. Walking through Montreal’s amazing underground to get around the city instead of taking a taxi.

6. Taking public transportation. A weekend pass will cost you $13.75 for unlimited trips between Friday 6:00pm and Monday 5:00am. This works perfectly for any budget. Click here for more Montreal Transportation Fares

Photo Credit: http://www.stm.info/en/

7. Stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Montreal for affordable luxury. Rates start at $133/night depending on the season you travel. This hotel is not only centrally located but offers several amenities that will blow your mind. I booked through Expedia to get the best deal. Click on the link below for more deals!
Expedia.ca: Escape Sale – Save up to 35% on Hotels!

**Solo Travelers**

If you’re looking for something cheaper like a Hostel. I would recommend the Auberge du Plateau-Mont-Royal for centrally located accommodations as low as $55/night for a bed in a 6-bed dormitory room.


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  1. Great advice, I’ve been trying to plan a trip up to Montreal and it keeps taking a back seat to my other travel plans! I’ve also been looking into airbnb’s in the area.

    1. It’s best to head there in the off season, although they have lots going on in the summer. I haven’t used airbnb yet. When I travel with my kids I need to have a pool available, so hotels work best for me. Keep, looking I’m sure you’ll find something budget friendly.

  2. To be honest, I don’t really think the option for a hotel you give isn’t really a “budget” option. It’s quite an expensive price to pay. people who are really on a tight budget aren’t going to be able to afford hotels like that, so maybe the title of this blogpost isn’t the best one. I do like the post though, especially the tip from the underground system that i had no idea of sounds interesting to me

    1. No problem Danielle, I hear where you are coming from. It’s budget depending on what you’re looking for. Montreal is very expensive, so if you want quality with specific amenities, like a pool. Something in a central location, this is a great spot.

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