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A Maritime Museum in Stockholm

October 12, 2016
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I’m here again to share some more stories about my experiences abroad.  So while in Sweden we visited the Vasa Maritime Museum.  Located in Stockholm, the museum was built around the Vasa ship. There’s a lot of history to this museum and the story of how the ship became a significant part of Swedish history is even more interesting.

The story goes the great war ship Vaasa in Swedish set out to sail on August 10th, 1628, its first and last voyage. The ship located in the museum was the actual ship, although they have restored it to replicate its original glory. With it’s canons and sculptures, the ship unfortunately went down because water filled its gun ports as the people of Stockholm watched on shore. The ship remained in great shape for over 300 years in Stockholm’s harbor because of the polluted water, but saw the light of day in 1959 when it was lifted from the water and the preservation process and presentation to the public began.

Our visit to the museum was not very long, the place was packed with locals and tourists. But I remember the best part for me was the room with the little replicas that played out the story of how the ship went down and chaos that ensued on the shore as Stockholm watched sailors and others on the ship jumped to save their lives. The details of these little figures and the mini ship itself was very interesting to me. If your heading to Sweden a stop at the Vasa museum would be a great experience, especially with children.


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