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Foodie Diary: Amazing Places to Eat in Mallorca

May 29, 2017
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Foodie Travel Diary: Amazing Places to Eat in Mallorca

The food lover that I am, I couldn’t head to Mallorca without tasting the best the island had to offer. From local spots to traditional Spanish tapas, I discovered amazing places to eat on this island, making it my mission to eat well and experience cultural cuisine daily during my time on Mallorca.  Heading into Palma, exploring Alcudia and Porto Pollenca, I found there were many restaurants and cafe’s that catered to most European and international cultures. Where else can you get Italian gelato, English afternoon tea and Indian tandoori on one island.

L’arca De’n Peter

If you’re looking for authentic Spanish Paella, L’arca De’n Peter is certainly the place for it on Mallorca. The seafood was nothing but fresh. The flavors of saffron and other Spanish seasonings made this restaurant food heaven. Along with great food and amazing customer service L’arca De’n Peter was the ideal place to stop for authentic Spanish food in Alcudia’s Old Town after a long day of exploring the Cathedral and historical castle. I have to say for a place with great quality food, it didn’t break our wallet. We spent 53 Euros on a meal for two that included tapas, paella, dessert and sangria.

Restaurant 35 D’Alcanada

Eating tapas in Spain, is like putting peanut butter with jelly. You can’t have one without the other. Located a 10 minute walk from our hotel, this amazing restaurant was a treasure to find, we went there almost every day. I highly recommend Restaurant 35 D’Alcanada if you’re staying in the local area, they have a great reputation on Trip Advisor and I’ve certainly come to realize why. The food here is great but the customer service is even better. From the calamari to the Spanish tortilla, I found that there was no better place for Spanish tapas on Mallorca than this quaint restaurant with sea views in Alcanada.

Negre Grill

We all love a good steak every now and again, but my husband made it his business to find the best steak while we were visiting Mallorca. On our way to the beach we decided to stop at this fancy little spot with outdoor seating on the boardwalk called Negre Grill, to our surprise the steak was actually amazing. I mean knife straight through the meat amazing. The best part was, you could enjoy your steak with a light salad, certainly a place to stop if you’re a meat lover. Their seafood options on the other hand were not the greatest, so stick to steak if your heading to this restaurant.

Restaurant Son Puig

Espresso and bizcocho (cake), what could be better while sitting in a cafe, people watching as the day goes by. Restaurant Son Puig has everything your looking for in a Spanish cafe. I have to say everything about this place screamed outdoor European cafe. Situated in Alcudia’s Old Town I fell in love with the desserts here from the minute I walked in and asked to use the restroom. As much as I’d like to say this amazing mid-day snack came with a high price it was actually budget-friendly. Many cafe’s offer espresso and cake for 4.50 Euros to 6.50 Euros daily. Although they offer traditional Spanish meals like paella and tapas, I recommend Restaurant Son Puig for a snack or a light breakfast.

Helado Artesanal Italiano

I practically ate gelato every day in Mallorca. Whether I was in Palma or Alcudia, if I was walking around I probably had a gelato in my hand. Obviously not a “Spanish” dessert, it was a great way to cool down as we saw the beautiful historical architecture. I have to say the best gelato spot was in Alcudia’s Old Town. Located on 21 Carrer d’en Serra, we had gelato from this place several times. Coconut was always my favorite. So if you’re in the area, I highly recommend you stop here for some amazing gelato, that will make you feel as if you’re in heaven.


Sometimes the best way to experience a culture is to eat your way through it. This is it for my Mallorca foodie diary. I’ll have more for you on my experiences in Mallorca, so stay tuned. Looking for more travel tips sign-up now for my monthly newsletters that’ll bring amazing travel destinations to life.


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  1. Oh, that paella just made me hungry. I love Spanish food and especially tapas. Unfortunately I am not able to have wine now since I’m pregnant, but this food absolutely calls for it. I have never been in Mallorca but I have heard a lot of nice things about it.

  2. I’ve hadn’t heard of Mallorca but awesome to see it’s Spanish food. Loved eating food from Spain so I’m sure I’d enjoy all of these places. All of those pictures are mouthwatering

  3. I am a vegetarian. Loved the sweet and the ice cream. This guide will be really helpful for those traveling to mallorca as food comprises of a very important aspect of travel

  4. This was a lovely foodie diary. You have chosen foods that best represent Mallorca. It is a sunny and blissful place. The paella looks delicious. I also like the cheesecake and gelato. I would love to visit Mallorca someday.

  5. I’ve heard SO many incredible things about Mallorca lately that it makes me want to hop on a plane right now. You got to try some delicious looking dishes–I want to try all of them. 🙂

  6. mmmm all the food looks really tasty. I love trying new foods when I am travelling and would love a ice cream like that it looks delicious and I am sure lovely to cool you down in hot Majorca.

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