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Authentic British Food in NYC

October 28, 2016
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6tag_231016-130213 As an island girl, I love Caribbean food. I love the jerk chicken and the curry shrimp, the salt fish and dumpling and the escovitch fish.  But as a true foodie, I also love exploring food from around the world, food that connects to other countries and their culture. On my quest to finding the delicious delicacies of New York City, I found Tea & Sympathy, a small British restaurant serving up an assortment of cakes, pies and afternoon tea. The place was packed, it was a Saturday afternoon on a cold, rainy day, the best time for some nice afternoon tea. Located in Greenwich Village, on Greenwich Ave. the food and the people are authentic, its been a neighborhood staple for twenty years.  Anyone looking for some authentic British food in NYC should make a stop here.  Try the sweets or the savories, but don’t forget the tea, its a must.

Some Lovely Afternoon Tea!

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Aside from serving up lovely afternoon tea, Tea & Sympathy also has an assortment of dishes that include Shepherds Pie, Sunday Roasts with Yorkshire Pudding and a delicious salad called the “Absolutely Fabulous Salad” which I couldn’t stop eating.  They also have a cool black cab imported from London with the right side steering wheel, used for making deliveries around town. Everything about this place screams British tea room. The owners are originally from across the pond and they’ve created a space that represents a British restaurant back in their home country. They own the two stores next door as well, a fish and chips shop and a store with all the conveniences of Britain, clotted cream, jelly babies, HP Sauce and stylish teapots. This place takes you to another time and space, giving you a taste of their food and culture, all things dear to their heart. I’m actually heading back in another week to try some more, its cheaper than a flight to the other side of the world!

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