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So this was my first time on a cruise. Traveling with my girlfriends, women I had known for years was an excited experience. We flew from NYC to Miami then cruised from there to the Bahamas. The pictures above were taken the first night on deck, probably 3 or 4 in the morning. The unlimited food buffet daily helped me to gain ridiculous weight, I mean breakfast, lunch and dinner plus dessert, who could beat that.


Ship deck during the day. Although there were slides for the young and old, I have a fear of heights and coming down a water slide on the edge of the ocean is not my cup of tea. We spent time at the pool and the Jacuzzi, even though seats were hard to come by certain times of the day. By the way this was a Carnival cruise, I don’t remember what ship, but it was clean and somewhat modern. The thing I’ve learned about cruising is, not to go crazy with the spending. Pace yourself! You know how much money you have in your account, don’t spend on drinks or food at the specialty restaurants. Be sure to keep the souvenir spending at a minimum. And be aware that there is a charge for photos they take of you.


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Getting my Sports Illustrated on!!!!!!



These beautiful shots were taken on a little island where we not only spent time at the beach, but “hung out” with dolphins. I’m not one for wild life, so it took a lot for me to even touch the dolphin we were with. From what I know, Sandals also uses this private island which could be so romantic with the right person.

The clear blue waters were irresistible to me, coming from the island of Antigua, I’m at home in these waters. Anyone that knows me knows its my dream to live by the ocean, not only to spend my days in it, but to hear the waves daily. It’s no coincidence, my college was located on the long island sound!

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