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7 Best Places to Travel to in 2018

December 22, 2017
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Planning your upcoming trips for 2018? Look no further than my list for the best places to travel next year. I’ve enjoyed some amazing destinations over the past two years, including extremely underrated Finland and the tourist-packed Iceland.  I’ve created the list below based on upcoming trips I plan on taking, amazing destinations I’ve visited and travel trends that point to these destinations being a top pick for the coming year.

Best Places to Visit in 2018:


Helsinki, Finland will always be one of my favorite places to be in Europe. But in 2018 travelers heading to Finland will be heading to the smaller islands located in the Archipelago Sea, part of the Baltic Sea. According to Travel and Leisure magazine, travelers will be heading where Finns have ventured for generations during the short summer months for rest and relaxation. You can expect to take long walks and enjoy fresh seafood away from the bustle of Helsinki when you stay on one of these small remote islands.


One of the most popular destinations in the world most certainly has to be the country of Iceland. Tourism is at an all time high. But with that said Iceland is still a must for your next vacation. I recommend visiting the more remote areas of the country outside of Reykjavik. If you’re looking for some rest and relaxations you might even want to stay on one of the remote Icelandic islands such as Vigur, where you find puffins in the summer or Heimaey located near the south coast.


Although I planned to make an Autumn trip to England before the wonderful nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were announced. I have to say England, especially London will be a top destination come 2018. If you’re American, the best part of this will be your money going farther due to Brexit uncertainty. Hotels I’d looked at in the past are now affordable due to the strength of the dollar against the British pound. But we all know things can change overnight so keep an eye out when you book accommodations.


Beautiful Antigua with it’s 365 beaches one for every day of the year has refused to make hurricanes damage her inner and outer beauty. I finally get a chance to visit my home country again this summer and I’m looking forward to the warmth of her beaches and delicious food. It’s been 7 years since I was in Antigua so this will be a lovely homecoming. As one of the Caribbeans treasures, Antigua is definitely a great destination for 2018. Many love the all-inclusive resorts such as Sandals and Blue Waters Hotel.  But I have to say, Airbnb is making a big splash there, so renting a luxury villa in the tropical mountains for half of the price of a hotel room will give you luxury on a budget.


There are a number of things I can say about the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain. As one of the larger Balearic islands, Mallorca sees a lot of European tourism every year, but what I didn’t see while I was there was a lot of American visitors. This is why (if you’re American) you should definitely make Mallorca one of your top destinations for 2018. Outside of it’s capital Palma, Alcudia and Port de Soller are great areas to enjoy the quiet side of the island with miles and miles of beautiful beaches.


Denmark and Danish culture have definitely been my latest obsession. If you love everything Hygge related, Denmark is definitely the place for you. In putting together flight and hotel cost for visiting Copenhagen Denmark next year, winter seems to be the most affordable time to visit. But it’s also the most relaxed time to visit public spaces. Although the number of tourists visiting will be low compared to the spring and summer months. There are many winter festivals and events happening at this time of year, making 2018 a great time to make a trip to Denmark.


The Bahamas is open for business in 2018. Hurricane Irma left a lot of devastation and damage to several islands this past October. One of those islands was the Bahamas. There were beaches like the one below that had been completely washed away. But the resilience of the Caribbean islands is definitely on high display as many islands have now reopened for tourism, which is the main economy for most of these islands. With that said the Bahamas is one of the best places for you to visit in 2018. Make the trip there not only to support the local economy, but to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with some amazing food and incredible beaches. You might even get a chance to swim with Dolphins.


I’m hoping 2018 brings you all your deepest travel dreams. There’s so much of the world to discover, let’s do it with an open mind without breaking the bank. Let me know your favorite places you’ve been this year and the destinations you’re looking forward to in 2018.

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  1. Great list! I have Iceland and exploring more of England, my adopted country, on my list. So many places to go though…! 😀

  2. It is true there aren’t many American tourists on the islands of Spain. Lots of Brits and Germans, but less Americans. Any of Spain’s islands (and mainland fir that matter) are fantastic destinations.

  3. Hi, such lovely suggestions! It makes me smile that you have Finland on the list. The archipelago is indeed stunning during summer. Also, I recommend the Lakeland region for the summer!

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