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5 of the Best Places to Visit this Autumn

August 21, 2017
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Amazing Places to Visit in Autumn:

Check out my list of amazing places to visit this autumn.  Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or looking for something budget-friendly, there’s so much to see and do in these amazing cities.

1. New York City

Autumn in NYC has always been my favorite time to be in the city. It’s a great time for carriage rides in Central Park and if you time your visit right the Brooklyn Bridge is not as crowded as it is in the summer time. There’s so many places to eat like Juicy Spot Cafe, check out the China Town location for the best rolled ice cream. If you’re into art and sculptures you can always visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art for FREE! Yes, that’s right you can visit one of the most magnificent museums in the world for free. If you get your ticket at the entrance desk you pay “What you like”. I usually pay $1, when I’m feeling generous of course. Buying tickets online will cost you $25 for adults.

2. Boston

There’s so much to see and do in Boston during the fall season. My favorite thing to do is to spend time at the Public Library. From the books to the architecture, there’s so much to see including the beautiful gardens and cafe’s, perfect for reading a good book. You can also visit the Boston Commons and Boston Public Gardens, where this time of year you can still take the Swan Boats out around the duck pond. There’s an endless choice of places to eat in the center of Boston. From traditional Irish pubs to Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee. You won’t go hungry visiting Boston, there’s a place to eat on almost every corner.

3. Washington, D.C.

Did I mention Washington, D.C. was one of my favorite places to visit, especially since I was a young girl. And from the feedback I’ve received on previous posts about visiting Washington, D.C. it seems to be the place most of you enjoy as well. What I love most about D.C. of course is that most things are FREE! Visiting the nations monuments and museums will cost you nothing. Getting around is also very budget-friendly, although I find the area very walk-able. Looking for something good to eat? You head over to Nando’s Peri Peri for some juicy Portuguese chicken and rice located near China Town.

4. Stockholm

I fell in love with Stockholm on a short trip last year, but there’s so much to do in this beautiful city, especially if you’re short on time. Looking for a little Swedish history, head over to Gamla Stan (Old Town) where you can find some of the oldest streets in the city. You can find traditional Swedish food and the best pastries you’ll ever have in your life, all in one place. You can also head over to the Vasa Museum or the Swedish Royal Palace, for a little more on Sweden’s past and present. Looking for a great place to eat, check out the Grillska Huset Cafe, located right in the center of the square, where you can people watch all day while temperatures are still mild.

5. Montreal

Harvest time in Montreal is filled with fun and festivals for everyone. There’s so much to do and see and temperatures are still mild enough for you to enjoy being outdoors admiring the fall foliage. There’s something so vibrant and historical about this city that makes me always want to come back for more. The food is always amazing, especially at Xavier Artisan where you can find the best espresso’s in North America. Head to Montreal this fall is you’re up for cultural events filled with food and art. If you’re looking for the occasional usual event like the Montreal Zombie Walk head to Montreal toward the end of October.



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  1. Funny that you can pay the Art Museum what you like on arrival, but 25$ online?! That’s def a good to know 🙂 I’m personally all booked for the rest of the year (tough Bali life lol), but I love that you included Stockholm, that’s serious one of my favorite cities in the world!

  2. I agree! These are good places to visit, especially since it is not peak season. So you more than likely get to do a lot more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I do love Washing, D.C. as well. It’s no wonder many people enjoy visiting, there is a lot to see there and it is nice that a lot of it is free. Good to know that Stockholm is such a cool place in fall. I would love that Swedish food place right by the Swedish desert!

  4. Coming from a tropical country that never has an autumn season, we would definitely love to visit all these places. We heard that the leaves change into a brown-orange hue, and the sun’s glare is much softer. That would be sucn an awesome sight.

  5. Indeed these are wonderful places to visit all the year round. But their charm is at it’s best in autumn season. Not been to any of these. Will sure plan a trip

  6. i totally agree with your list! I’ve visited 3 of these 5 places and really enjoyed them in autumn. Can’t wait to try out the other 2 now 🙂

  7. I definitely have to give New York and Washington DC a second time. I started to explore the first for 3 weeks during winter and the latter too but on a beautiful sunny afternoon, enjoying the Big Bus Tour and going up close to the White House. I definitely have to go back on a season that would make me feel more comfortable. I don’t know the 3 other places. This planet is so big. So many places to explore!!!

    1. Go back for sure. But I would recommend exploring on your own instead of with a tour. You can really spend some time meeting new people and learning about some hidden treasures.

      1. Only went with the tour because i was with family and friends. If you check my blog you will see how i enjoy solo travels. I totally agree with you, it’s an awesome waynto discover spots and people!

    1. I’m glad this was helpful. There’s so much to see and do in Stockholm. I would recommend a week to 10 days if you don’t want to rush things. You can spend 3 days in Gamla Stan, then get out and see other areas the remainder of the time.

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