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How to Turn Your Blog into Your Business

January 20, 2018
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There are so many ways to turn your blog into a business. As a travel blogger, I monetized my blog early on as a way to pay for incidental expenses like web hosting. But building a business is possible if you are open to learning new ideas and think outside the box. Take a look at my tips below for some amazing ways you can turn your blog into a business, from embedding affiliate links to selling stock photos.

Promote Affiliate Links:


Affiliate links can be useful for earning income and turning your blog into a business. I’ve been successful at earning income through the Amazon.com affiliate program. By posting links throughout my sidebars and blog posts, I’ve been able to earn a small income that helps me to keep my site running.


Another way to make money and build your business would be to sell your images as stock photos. There are several websites that offer large amounts of commission based on the sale of your photographs. Websites like Fotolia and Alamy provide you with the opportunity to earn 20% to 50% commission on each sale.


Selling e-books tend to be the easiest way to make money as away to grow as a business. The possibilities are endless with e-books, including books on how to start and run a successful blog. I currently have several books in the works focusing on my travels. An easy way to get started would be Amazon Publishing which makes the process seamless.

Selling a Service/Product:

Selling services or products can be highly profitable for turning your blog into a business. Being a social media manager has become very popular. Many people sell their expertise in being able to build and run a successful social media presence, getting partnerships with large companies. Being knowledgeable in a certain niche can work to your benefit as well. Web design and other tech related services have also increased in demand, making these skills profitable to your blog.

Selling Ad Space:

Selling ad space is also a good way earn income as well. Although I’ve had offers from a variety businesses, the key to selling ad space is building partnerships with the right companies. If you’re good at negotiating selling ad space might work well for you. Click HERE for more information on selling ad space.




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