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Connecticut Activities for Children

October 17, 2016
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Connecticut may not seem like the ideal place to vacation, but as someone who has lived here for almost 15 years, I can say there’s lots to do, especially for young children.  As a preschool teacher and program director we often planned several trips per year for our students and their families.  Some of the locations below are budget friendly, some, not so much, but it’s important to look at the activities you want your children to engage in while visiting Connecticut. The Peabody Museum which is located in New Haven is a favorite for my children, but they also enjoy going to both the Mystic and Norwalk Aquariums.

Fun Activities for Kids in Connecticut!

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Connecticut Top 10 for Children’s Activities

  1. Quassy Amusement Park-Middlebury
  2. Lake Compounce-Bristol
  3. Mystic Aquarium-Mystic
  4. Norwalk Aquarium-Norwalk
  5. Stepping Stones Museum-Norwalk
  6. Yale Peabody Museum-New Haven
  7. Beardsley Zoo-Bridgeport
  8. Connecticut Science Center-Hartford
  9. The Children’s Museum- West Hartford
  10. Connecticut Children’s Museum-New Haven


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