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My Fascination with Culinary Travel!

January 25, 2017
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The Journey to Becoming a Culinary Traveler:

I’ve always had a fascination with food and travel. With so many ways to gain new experiences, culinary travel is something for novice and veteran travelers alike. Although I’ve only started documenting my travels recently, I’ve had experiences to be remembered forever. In my mind, not every moment calls for a photo-op and when it comes to food, I find myself remembering to take pictures after I’ve gone halfway through my meal. So when I went to Finland and Sweden this past May, taking photos of my food was far from my mind.

Street food in Helsinki

Sweet treats in Stockholm

There was so much to eat and do, while encountering the culture, the languages and the people. Some times a love of food is not enough. As a culinary traveler, I’ve made a conscious decision to learn more about the culture of the communities I travel to. I remember having authentic Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry in Sweden. Enjoying traditional Finnish food, including fried sardines, salmon and the carelian pastry pictured below.

Image result for traditional swedish food
Courtesy of Wikipedia
Image result for karelian pasties finnish food
Courtesy of Wikipedia

Culinary Travel Experiences for Beginners- Try Go Ahead Tours


If your not ready to head out on your own explorations. You could try a variety of group travel experiences that focus on food and cultural experiences. The link above for Go Ahead Tours will take you to their site with some more information on culinary group travels.

Culinary Experiences back in the U.S.!

I’m not a millionaire, so doing food tours on a monthly basis is not an option. But there’s nothing that some good research and MapQuest cant fix. So I’ve returned home with the same passion for food and cultural experiences to inspire others. This time I’ve made it my business to seek out local communities and restaurants here in New England and the Tri-State area that offer great food and wonderful experiences. Along the way I’ve enjoyed some delicious Spanish tapas in New Haven, CT, that included tortilla and empanadas. I’ve also experienced some amazing English cream tea and French decadence in NYC. So whether your planning a trip across the world or eating local, remember to enjoy the experience with all your senses. Don’t forget to make memories!

Spanish Tapas!


French decadence!

English Cream Tea!

Continue to follow me on this incredible journey as I explore the amazing world of food and travel.

-Happy Travels!

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