Gratitude Walks


On the road to success we must always remember to be grateful for all the wonderful people and opportunities we have. I first heard of the “gratitude walk”, while watching Mimi and Alex Ikonn on YouTube. There was a vlog of Alex being interviewed about his experience which has lead to his business success. Alex talked about the importance of working hard, because his success did not come easy.  Both Alex and Mimi started LuxyHair in their home, relying on credit cards and loans from family to support their business. When you look at them now, their lives seem so effortless, but I can tell you, nothing comes easy in this life without hard work and dedication. Both Mimi and Alex have discussed this in their vlogs.

On my way to learning more about “gratitude walks” I found some articles, including the one linked below, that helped me to understand the core values of a gratitude walk.  As someone who has completed several years of schooling, while caring for young children, I can say being a mom and attempting to complete a PhD has been no easy task.  The role of gratitude walks in my life  has helped me to alleviate stress and evaluate my goals. They have been essential to me evaluating where I see my life moving in the future. Walking daily, each morning whether solo, with my husband or with my children, provides me with an opportunity to reflect on what I have and all I have to be grateful for, motivating me to reach my personal and professional goals, inspiring others along the way.

Alex Ikonn: Gratitude Walks and Meditation (YouTube)

Terroll and Nakita: Gratitude Walk (YouTube)

If your feeling inspired, get those sneakers out and start walking!