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Check Your Wanderlust At the Door: My First 6 Months Travel Blogging

March 16, 2017
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Wanderlust-a strong desire to travel

So I started a blog! I know! I know! Blogging seemed like a task when I thought about it at first too. But here I am 6 months later sharing my experiences with you. I love to travel, that was my inspiration for starting this all, but I knew there had to be more to traveling than getting on and off airplanes. I wanted to share my experiences with other women, with moms who dreamed of traveling the world, meeting new people and experiencing life outside of their families and their careers. Being a travel blogger takes more than wanderlust. It’s important to develop impeccable writing skills. Creating a niche and using your voice to engage your audience.

Where I’ve Been…..


Where I’m Heading….

Montreal Canada (March 2017)

Mallorca Spain (May 2017)

Antigua W.I. (July 2017)

Reykjavik Iceland (September 2017)

What I’ve Learned…..

I’ve learned so much over the past 6 months. How to build engaging blog content. Effective ways to use Social Media as a marketing tool for my blog. And the underestimated way Facebook Groups can help you build your blog, especially the travel blogging community. I learned it’s also important to use a travel journal for taking notes on people you meet and even what you eat when you’re traveling the world. I only started monitoring my page views three months ago, but since then its increased by just over 1000 views each month. My modest social media following has increased as well. I’ve gone from 0 to over 2600 engaged followers on Instagram. In two months I built a Twitter following of 1235 followers.  My Facebook page likes has also jumped from 0 to 742 in 6 months. Even my Pinterest followers from increased from around 200 to 675. Building my confidence and motivation to keep developing my blog content.

What I Can Share…..

The best advice I can give to someone starting out or thinking about starting a blog would be, to get the right blog hosting tool like BlueHost. Once you’ve created a name for your blog, choose the right theme, especially if you’re using WordPress. Get one that fits your personality or what your blog niche represents. It took me 6 months to find something that truly spoke to me. So don’t feel discouraged of things don’t fall into place right away.  It will also work to your benefit to join a Facebook Group that fits your niche. You’ll meet some amazing people and learn from bloggers who’ve been doing this for years.

What’s Next…..

I’ve moved on to monetizing my blog this month, which has been an exciting process. I’ve become an affiliate to BlueHost and Lat&Lo, meaning I’m able to make money through referral purchases I market on my blog and social media. I recently created a Media Kit which was a daunting task to say the least, but thanks to my resources from amazing travel blogging groups on Facebook. I was able to use feedback and inspiration from others in order to take my blog to the next level of professionalism. Stay tuned for my 1 year update. I’ll let you know where my adventures have taken me.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations! You are moving much faster with your blog then I did with mine. It’s so much work and such a learning curve, isn’t it? Kudos on getting into the SM as efficiently and quickly as you did as well. I think it’s the hardest part of the job.

  2. I am about in the same position as yours. Started blogging last december with the same intentions. I see yur have Iceland on your list. That will be a great journey!

  3. What amazing progress! I’m in the same boat as you in terms of newness and I learn something everyday about how to make things better. So glad to see you’re loving it!

  4. Congratulations on your first six months of blogging and it seems so far so good for you. I have been at it for 12 months so ai can relate a little. The challenges are huge but it is also a lot of fun. Keep at it.

  5. That is quick progress, I have been blogging for 6 months as well, I have not made anything with my Bluehost referrals. I might need some tips from you.

  6. The first six months of blogging are such a incredible learning phase. Each day helps in the transition from shaky to comfortable, whether it is learning how to solve technical glitches or how to increase engagement or how to produce better quality content.

  7. Congratulations! Your journey is really fascinating. You have achieved so many things in the first 6 months of blogging itself. Wish you many more wonderful journeys and lots of success with your blog as well.

  8. Seems like you are on a fabulous adventure ! But yes, blogging is also an adventure and I’m happy everything is working out fine for you. I know it’s tiring at some point but it’s such a great experience. Have fun on your travels and see you around on your blog 😉

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