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Flight Review: What to Expect with Airberlin

June 28, 2017
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Disclaimer: I’m sad to say that as of October 2017 Air-Berlin has ceased operations.

What to Expect with Airberlin:

So here’s a review of my first flight with Airberlin. For a first time experience, I have to say they exceeded my expectations. I’ve been flying since the age of five. It’s honestly one of my favorite things to do. I remember loving the food. I also loved the freedom I always experienced when I flew solo and the flight attendants would take care of me. Times have changed and I’ve discovered sometimes you have to choose between quality and quantity with the rising costs of airline flights. But sometimes, you get both.  Giving you more bang for your buck. I found this with Airberlin.

Overnight Flight Goodies:

I honestly didn’t expect to get these goodies when we boarded the plane. I’ve flown international before and never received anything like this. They brought us this cool little pouch with ear plugs, an eyes mask, socks and even an toothbrush and toothpaste.  They also gave each of us a pillow and blanket. Things I had’t seen on flights in years. What could be better than a flight with these comforts we used to take for granted.

Extra Leg Room:

The best thing about my Airberlin flight would have to be the seating. There was no I was going to fly overnight without being comfortable, so I was willing to pay the extra amount. The XL seats offer 20% more leg room. My husband has long legs and he was well impressed with the amount of leg room we had. You might find it hard to believe but the XL seats only run you between 20 and 33 Euros.

Meal Options:

I’m really mixed on this one because there were things I liked and things I didn’t. I have to say they kept us well hydrated and well fed throughout the entire flight. I liked the fact that dinner was served within half an our of boarding. We had a choice of chicken or pasta. I had the chicken, my husband the pasta. I can’t lie, the pasta was tastier. The chicken meal came with rice and vegetables. It also came with coleslaw, cheese, bread, carrot cake and water. I also had a some red wine, just because! If you’re looking for more fine dining they also offer airgusto by iFLEAT where you can have your choice of restaurant style meals, vegetarian, halal and even gluten free meal options priced between 27 and 30 Euros. Unfortunately these are only available on select flights including New York, Dusseldorf, Dubai and Berlin. Also be aware you have to order this up to 24 hours in advance.


You can fly Airberlin out of several locations in the U.S. including New York and Boston. Click the link Here! for more information on airports where they are based. We flew from New York to Dusseldorf and from Dusseldorf to Mallorca, our final destination. The overnight flight and layover seemed daunting but it was our time in Spain that made the entire trip worth it. For more on our vacation to Mallorca, click Here! I’d fly Airberlin again for sure, especially if we’re heading to Spain or Germany.

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  1. YES! I love the complimentary toothbrush! It’s one thing that I usually put in my checked luggage and forget about (whoops!). Great round up of Air Berlin, I’m pinning this for the next time I’m in Europe.

  2. Seems like you had a great experience with Air Berlin. I flew with them few years ago for the first time! I went to Egypt and we had hard landing 🙂 But of course its not a airline fault. I like them. You’re lucky you like to fly 🙂 I am still afraid

  3. I Love that pack with the toothbrush, eye mask etc. they’ve thought of it all! Long flights are no ones cup of tea so having a pack like this gives you the feeling that they care. How nice!

  4. You were smart to pay for the extra leg room! When I flew airBerlin I did not and I am about 6 feet tall and was sitting near a tall german man. There was literally no room for either of us!

  5. I didn’t know that Air Berlin did long haul flights as well. The leg space is definitely important when flying long haul, especially for such a distance. The menu choice is also a nice touch.

    1. Even though the Niki flight run by Airberlin to Mallorca was short with less leg room. It still was comfortable compared to Spirit in the U.S. Never flying them again.

  6. An airline that gives you that much goodies that isn’t Emirates!?!?!? Amazing!!! Thanks for the tips. I feel like lately airlines have been dropping the ball so it’s incredible to see that one isn’t.

  7. That little pouch they gave you looks really nice and I am impressed with the fact that they gave you pillows and blankets ..airlines usually give blankets and pillows only on business class and first class (of course!) Well done Airberlin! I will definitely give them a try on my next trip if I get a good price deal with them 🙂

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