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Flight Review: Wow Air

November 29, 2017
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After visiting Iceland last month on my first solo trip to Europe, I have to say I was pleasantly wowed by Wow Air. From booking to check-in, I honestly have nothing negative to say about Wow Air which is rare for any airline. Check out my flight review below for more on my experience with this new budget airline.

Booking with Wow Air:

Although the budget airline Wow has been around since 2012. The airline didn’t start making international flights possible to the U.S. and Canada until about two years ago. The low-cost Icelandic airline carrier is the best thing to ever happen to international flights from North America to Europe. When booking with Wow you can book directly through the airlines website. This gives you the opportunity to book stop-overs in Iceland for a few days before moving on to your destination.

What other airline can you book a flight with to Europe for under $400, where you get a seat with legroom (if you’re willing to sit next to the exit of course) and a meal. You can book your flight then purchase your seat and meal at a later time. Keep in mind booking your meal in advance will be to your advantage. I was really shocked to see the prices for my same sandwich had doubled for in-flight purchase when I looked at the menu. Did I forget to mention I always travel light, so there was no checked bag or carry-on fee for me. Every purchased ticket comes with a free personal item. See the requirements here: Optional Fees and Charges

The Best Flight Experience:

This is definitely not your average airline. I loved everything about the flight experience, including the positive attitudes of the flight attendants. And even the quirky little saying all around the plane. It also helped that all around me was pink, pink, pink.

Final Thoughts:

I really hope Wow is here to stay. It’s become one of my favorite airlines. And flying since the age of five I can say I’ve seen my fair share of planes. If you book early you can find flights under $300. Wow also offers a lot of deals, so sign-up now to get emails and notifications. Keep in mind you won’t get much with Wow. There is no WiFi or in-flight movie. You won’t get any pillows or blankets either, these are the things that keep flight prices low.  I choose to keep my money and pack my own comforts.


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  1. I flew Wow to Iceland as well and I had a really positive experience also. Flew out of Boston and to avoid the baggage fee I stuffed my carry on, but it was a great flight and a really awesome airline.

  2. never heard before about this airlines but I can read that you had awesomest experience . It is important to have a good flight to enjoy the trip. Keep tripping !

  3. Sounds like a great way to fly if you know exactly what to expect! I don’t think they fly much around Asia, but I’ve heard they have great deals to Iceland. I’ll have to keep an eye on flight deals with Wow!

  4. I’ve never ridden any Wow Air flights before as they don’t have flights here in the Philippines.. But I like how budget-friendly and comfortable it is.. Definitely one of the important factors when choosing airlines! 🙂

  5. I’ve been looking into flying with wow air, since it’s cheaper than Iceland Air and this posts really puts my concerns to rest. Tbh, I’ve haven’t heard too many positive things about it so this was refreshing to read. My flight to Iceland would be 3 hours anyway so I’ll take the plunge and book with them.

  6. I have’nt really heard of Wow Airlines. Maybe they don’t fly in this sector. They seem like a regular no-frill airline but seem comfortable enough. I like the interiors – that does not give a feel of budget airlines. Nicely reviewed.

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