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September 30, 2016
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Welcome to K.J. Around the World. My blog explores many adventures I’ve had and my current journey to living my “best” life. Everyone has their own idea of what their “best” life is. For me its living, loving and laughing with family, friends and strangers. What better way to remember these experiences than through a blog. I’m no professional blogger, but I’ve been writing research papers, educational workshops and articles for the past decade, so I have a little experience writing😊.

I’m here to share my passion for food and travel, so check out my Food section for delicious pastries, cakes and restaurant reviews. My Travel section for highlights on trips I’ve been on with my family, solo or with friends. I’ve got a lot of ideas and experiences that will point you in the right direction for living your “best” life.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to explore the world on a budget or looking for ideas on how to experience all things tasty, you’ve come to the right place.

Happy Travels!

Where I’m Heading in 2017:

Montreal, Canada-March

Mallorca, Spain-May

Toronto, Canada-September

Reykjavik, Iceland-October

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