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Hotel Review: Our Getaway at Hotel President

July 30, 2017
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Why We Chose HSM Hotel President:

There were things I was looking for in a honeymoon destination two years ago when my husband and I started planning our weeding. He wanted Sicily, I just wanted someplace quiet with access to the beach. I found exactly what I was looking for in Port Alcudia on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Looking at budget-friendly hotels around the island I found the HSM Hotel President. The hotel was tucked away in a small neighborhood called Alcanada, but met all my needs.

The Entrance

Courtesy of Tripadvisor.com

Our Hotel Room

The hotel room size was perfect for my husband and I. Everything looked just as the website displayed it. We all know this is rare. There was a flat screen television, a nice sized bed, a mini fridge, a phone, small table and chair. The best part of all this we had a room with a view.

Our Bathroom

Bathroom Essentials

The Tub

I think I liked the bathroom most of all. I don’t know what it is with me, but the bathroom at my hotel must always be in top shape. This one was no different, but it certainly exceeded my expectations. My only gripe would be not having enough towels. But if you travel to enough countries in Europe you’ll learn quickly that you don’t get towels left in your room as often as you drop them on the floor.  There were a few times at Hotel President when I had to requests more towels and wash cloths.

The Balcony

Views of the Pool Area and Beach 

Children’s Pool


Perfect Romantic Getaway:

I have to say Hotel President is great for the perfect romantic getaway. The indoor pool, sauna and Jacuzzi provide privacy in an intimate setting. My husband and I enjoyed a few days where there were one or two other couples in the pool area and this was in May. The area wasn’t loud or crowded, which is perfect when you’re on honeymoon.

1 out of 3 Hotel Pools

Hotel Grounds

Dining Area

Courtesy of Tripadvsior.com

We only had breakfast at the hotel, served buffet style. Because it was included in the hotel cost it helped us save on our daily meal expenses. What I liked best about the breakfast was the fact that there was something for almost everyone. I was happy to enjoy the beans and tomatoes I put together to make a somewhat full English breakfast. My husband and I also took advantage of the unlimited churros and chocolate, which we had every morning with our meals. Although the buffet provided a lot of options, they didn’t provide much for someone who might be vegan or vegetarian, outside of the fruits and vegetables displayed.

Final Thoughts!

We stayed at Hotel President for just over a week and spent less than $900.  I wanted to share the experience I had at this beautiful hotel, because it comes highly recommended. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner or even some family time with the kids, Hotel President is definitely the place for you. Book your trip with Booking.com for exceptional prices and deals.


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  1. That is a great deal, less than $900 for a week! Whaaat! Haha, I want to go! The views from your room are gorgeous and I bet it was even more beautiful at night. The pools look refreshing too, which would be awesome with this 110* weather right now. That is a ton of food choices too, that is cool. The hotels i’ve visited usually have cereal, fruits, and make it yourself waffles.

  2. The hotel president seems nice and quaint. The dining area looks very nice and the food looks great! It is very nice that they have two pools one of which is a kid pool. It is also nice to be very close to the beach. A nice perk on a honeymoon is to feel secluded but also see another couple from time to time like this place.

  3. On our honeymoon, even I was the one who wanted beaches and my wife wanted some quiet place to just chill. In the end we went to Ibiza. This hotel looks so gorgeous and something perfect for an idyllic break from the busy lives. Would definitely like to stay here.

  4. Something that I love about Spain is that you can get pretty decent hotels without having to spend a fortune. You couldn’t get that in many other European destinations! Looks like a very nice hotel and the pool is great, $900 for a week is not bad at all!

    1. It was actually less than $900 I just included the fees etc. I’m planning a trip to Italy next year and the hotels in central locations are a bit pricey. But rentals seem to be budget-friendly.

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