Inspiration has a name and for me it’s Maya Angelou. There were many layers to this beautiful woman, but to me she was always a strong driving force for change. I first fell in love with her works as a 5th grader in New York City when my mother bought me I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Honestly at the time I didn’t understand what she was writing about or feeling, but I loved her literary style. She was always so elegant and eloquent with her words. Her voice always calm and serene, she epitomized the strength and grace of a black woman. With all her obstacles and triumphs Maya Angelou left this world having made an impact on me and many women who saw her as a Black Queen. Today I have her collection of books and poems and I look forward to sharing them with my own daughter, helping her to discover who she is within, giving her inspiration to overcome obstacles that life will throw at her as a woman of color.

As a woman now in my thirties, life looks a lot different to me now than it did ten years ago. I have so much to be grateful for because I’ve been blessed beyond wonders. I’m inspired to live the life I’ve always dreamed of.  I’m also inspired to help others, being a force for societal change.  My goal is to help those in my community who have less, not only financially, but those who don’t have family members to support them or encourage them to take the right path in life.  As I set off on this journey to discover the world and introduce my children to different people and places, I want to share my experiences and inspire others, especially mothers to seek adventure, knowledge, financial independence and entrepreneurship. Your life doesn’t have to end when you have children, that’s just the beginning of the adventure.

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