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NYC Fall Food Tour: Why You Should Try Ladurée in Soho

August 31, 2017
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Ladurée in Soho:

Food has been at the center of my life for as long as I can remember. I love to eat it and I love to create it. Being the foodie that I am, there are some things I will travel for and that’s really good food. I’ve made several trips to NYC for meals and treats at Ladurée in Soho. (Sorry Madison Ave. you just don’t cut it for me). Every visit has been amazing and they never disappoint when it comes to customer service and delicious menu options. This is certainly not a review, just an expression of my love for quality food and why you must try Ladurée in Soho.

The Atmosphere:

6 Assorted Macrons $21

You will fall in love from the moment you enter the building. The decor is very elegant (think velvet couches). On warm spring days I like eating out in the courtyard. With fairy lighting and marble tables, you feel like you’ve been transformed to some foreign place, even with the busy NYC streets right on the other side of the wall. The blue hues of the dining room really fill the place with light. I also love the fresh flowers that greet me at the entrance. I always use them as photo props for Instagram. Shame on me!

The Service:

Saint-Honoré Rose $11

There’s so much that can be said about the customer service here. The wait staff are always pleasant and sometimes really go out of their way to make you happy and comfortable. Even when the restaurant has a full house, they always find a way to make you feel like you’re the only customer there. If the food is not the way you like they will fix the order for you. They are also very willing to customize the menu to meet your needs.

The Food: 

Brunch $$$

Now the best part!

Where else can you get breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert with amazing quality and great taste all in one place. The bad news is, this place will cost you a pretty penny. I won’t lie like this restaurant isn’t pricey. $19 for a mimosa is definitely a splurge. But when you’re feeling up to an “all about me” day in the city, nothing can compare to the the amazing food you’ll find at Ladurée in Soho. From the omelette’s made just the way you like to raspberry french toast. The food is definitely worth the price. Did I mention they also have a wide variety of tea’s, which included my favorite the Earl Grey. Take a look at the menu here!

“Vol au Vent” de Volaille aux Champignons Sauvages $31


Final Thoughts!

I know, I know. I’m usually all about the budget meals and restaurants, but what can I say, every now and again we all need a little splurge. If you’re going to splurge why not do it on amazingly delicious food. Heading to NYC this fall, try the afternoon tea here. It will cost you $39 per person and warm you up as the weather gets chilly in the city. I do recommend you make reservations in advance, this place is very popular.


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    1. For sure. And usually my wallet can’t handle it. The vol au vent also had chicken. It was so rich and creamy. I would go back and have this again, but on an empty stomach for sure.

  1. I just popped some Laduree macarons at the airport in Paris while going home, so cannot wait to try more from their store in NYC when I visit in fall!

  2. Wait, so… I don’t need to go to Paris to eat at Laduree?? How am I just finding out about this?! The “Vol au Vent” de Volaille aux Champignons Sauvages dish looks absolutely scrumptious, my mouth is literally watering right now. And I totally agree with you, a splurge on a nice meal once in a while is 100% ok in my book, esp when it’s Laduree!

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