New Haven Local Eats

The city of New Haven is home to Yale University, world renowned museums and some gastronomic wonders such Geronimo’s and Barcelona restaurant. New Haven is also home to Pepe’s Pizza and Louis Lunch. Being so close to these wonderful restaurants could be tempting to girl like me in the process of exploring veganism, but what I’ve realized over the past month is  that I can explore delicious menu options without depriving myself or compromising my health.  As we explore New Haven on the weekends, I’ll take you along as I explore my favorite spots and discover some hidden gems as well.


I finally made it to Crepes Choupette after discovering it this past summer. I must say it’s one of those unexpected treasures that New Haven has to offer. The menu consisted of a range of sweet and savory crepes. The price range was reasonable. As it was my first time, I thought it would be best to try the espresso and a sweet crepe dish of strawberries, banana and nutella. Thankfully everything lived up to expectation, which means I’ll be heading back soon. The service was great, the atmosphere was kid-friendly which was important as we headed there with my 7 year-old daughter. If your interested in a little French flair without the plane ticket, its certainly a great place to check out.




I’ve been to Barcelona Tapas and Wine Bar before. Usually I head to the Norwalk location. At one point I even considered doing my wedding reception there, because I love the food and atmosphere. This was my first time eating at the New Haven location, which was a lot larger and less intimate than the SoNo location. With that said I made a solo night of it and ordered my tapas and sangria which came with great service from the waitstaff.  Eating local has been great for me, because I don’t have to head into NYC and spend lots of money to have a good time. As a college town, Friday and Saturday nights in New Haven can be very busy, but I was seated pretty quickly and even when my battery went low the waitress charged my phone behind the bar. If your headed to Barcelona restaurant try the hanger steak, empandas and potato tortilla which has been pictured below. The menu constantly changes so it’s best to go there with an open mind and a hungry stomach.

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For anyone seeking great vegetarian options in New Haven, the best place to stop I have to say would be Claire’s Corner Copia. The food as well as the service was impeccable. They also have a selection of vegan desserts including cupcakes and cookies.  I had the quiche Lorraine which came with the house salad and a lovely small loaf of bread they make in house daily.  The lavender lemonade I had with my meal was also all natural and sugar free, giving customers the option to add their own sugar and salt. Meals for three came up to $36 total, so I can say they’re not only health conscious but budget-friendly, especially for those heading to Claire’s with children.

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I have to say Sitar in New Haven is probably one of the best places to get authentic Indian food in Connecticut. From the food down to the atmosphere, my experience at Sitar was relaxing and luxurious. The waiter was patient and attentive, but the food was out of this world. I had a nice glass of Moscato white wine and a lamb samosa to begin. The waiter suggested I eat the samosa with the tamarind sauce provided which turned out to be a party on my tongue.  Next came the Chana Marsala, a meatless dish with chickpeas, onions and creamy tomato sauce, which was melt in your mouth tender.  I chose medium heat, which was just right for me, but they also offer mild and hot (for braver souls). The main dish was served with a lovely bowl of basmati rice, filled with orange zest. The food and the atmosphere blew me away, it’s become my new local favorite and in my opinion a New Haven gem.