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7 Ways to Enjoy Mallorca on a Budget

June 17, 2017
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Planning for a budget-friendly vacation to Mallorca, Spain can be difficult whether your traveling solo or with the family. I’ve made my fair share of travel mistakes, now I’m here to save you the trouble of over-spending when traveling abroad. But honestly the most important tip I can give you before you even arrive on the island is to book your flight early. My husband and I booked within four months of our departure and spent thousands (Blame the Hubby).  I’ve been looking at booking flights for next year around the same month and it will cost us about $1200 less. Now you do the math. Remember, experiencing Mallorca on a budget is possible. Here are several ways you can spend less while having more fun when heading to Spain’s hidden gem in the Mediterranean this summer.

7 Ways to Enjoy Mallorca on a Budget:

1. Eating like a local is the best way to save money on your meals while you’re in Mallorca. We learned this first hand. As you walk around the streets of Mallorca look for the restaurants where locals eat and foreigners stay clear of, because you’ll most likely find delicious food under 10 Euros for two people. Most of all, I recommend MIM Doner Kebab as the best location in Port Alcudia for some local eats.

Photo from restaurantguru.com

2. Using the hotel shuttle will save you money on several levels. On the days we decided not to go into Palma or Port de Pollenca, taking the hotel shuttle was a life saver. The hotel shuttle would only run daily for 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. But I’m sure every hotels shuttle schedule varies, so be aware of your hotels policy for shuttle buses.

Photo from Mallorcabuses.com

3. Taking public transportation can also be beneficial to you, but most of all keep in mind there is no transfer and the fee for your bus ride depends on the distance you’ve traveled. The bus from Alcudia to Palma did cost us 5.30 Euros per person for a single trip compared to the 1.55 Euros we paid for a bus from Port Alcudia to Alcudia. Click for more: TIB Bus Info

Photo from visitpalma.cat

4. Staying at an all-inclusive hotel like Hotel President will save you money on meals. Our hotel came with breakfast included, therefore, if we had a large breakfast, we only had to worry about lunch and dinner. It turned out most days we didn’t even eat lunch, we would have coffee and cake around 2:00pm which would cost us about 4 Euros. Then we would share some tapas for dinner or eat kebabs at a local spot. Book your hotel with Booking.com for the best deals around.

5. Head to the beach. Because here you can always have a blast for FREE! But remember to bring your own towel and umbrella. As a result you won’t have to spend to use the loungers and umbrellas on the beach.

6. Experience Palma’s Old Town for FREE! By walking around Palma you get a glimpse into Mallorca’s Christian, Roman and Muslim past. In addition, keep an eye out for some of Antoni Gaudi’s work done on the interior of the Cathedral pictured below.

7. Finally, you can take a walk in the park. The best part, its FREE! Passeig Des Born is located on one of Palma’s most famous avenues. Lined with trees, luxury shops and cafe’s this is definitely the place for a relaxing walk with a delicious gelato in hand without having to break the bank. Most of all, this island is filled with beautiful spaces just like this where you can spend your days.


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  1. Some great tips here. I totally agree with eating where the locals eat. My family and I love exploring Spain and for sure it’s tourist prices by the beach and they’re also not the best quality! I would suggest to go more in to the villages or towns to find a real bargain with a service to match!

  2. I live in Seville right now but have never made it to Mallorca. I always thought it would be super pricey (like some of the other islands). These are some good tips to traveling there on a budget. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I understand how you feel, I thought so too when I was planning. But I spent months looking at accommodations in different areas. If I was in charge of the flight that would have been super cheap too.

  3. I’m always looking for ways to save money in little ways during a trip, so it can potentially be better used somewhere else. So naturally love posts like these! LOL. Mallorca also looks absolutely beautiful.

  4. Suxh great tips. I always try and use public transportation as much as possible and free beaches are so great. Also would love to check out the Old town. Looks lovely!

  5. I visited Mallorca when I was very young (and not in charge of the budget haha) but I remember loving it. Unfortunately when I go back I am now going to be keeping an eye on the bank account so these are some really good tips 🙂

    1. Mallorca is great. But that depends on where on the island you stay and if you rent a car. There’s a lot to look at. I almost got caught with the car rental. Can’t drive manual. Dogged that bullet. It was so much better taking public transportation. Plus I got to sleep on long rides. 🙂

  6. Love these tips! I can’t wait to visit Mallorca one day, and will definitely put some of these budget ideas into practice 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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