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About K.J. Around the World

K.J. Around the World is a blog geared toward women who love to travel. The blog was started back in 2016 as away for K.J. to share her travel experiences as a new travel blogger. K.J’s primary topics include budget travel, family travel and cultural cuisine.

Work with K.J. Around the World

Interested in having your brand appear on K.J. Around the World?  How about social media campaigns including Twitter chats, Instagram, Facebook, and sponsored blog posts? An opportunity to work with K.J. Around the World brings a valuable customer base to your business. Introduce yourself and send a note to  We’d love to hear from you about how we can collaborate together!.

Social Media Stats

Facebook 742 Likes/Follows

Instagram 2692 Followers

Twitter 1235 Followers

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K.J. Around the World Media Kit