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Montréal Winter Vacation: A Photo Diary

March 29, 2017
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Winter Journey to Montréal:

It’s winter and we’re heading to Montréal Canada. This is technically my first road trip as an adult. I really didn’t want to fly, I thought it would be more of an adventure to drive. And seriously, what a journey it was. Follow my 6 hour journey to this beautiful city north of the U.S. border. Join me as I explore the city, its food, people and places. If you’ve ever thought about visiting Canada during winter, you’ll enjoy my photo diary.

Here we are heading North on I95.


Stopping in Massachusetts!


Then beautiful Vermont.


The food here was great. You’ll find lots of organic goodies at Putney Food Co-op


Two words came to mind as we rolled into Quebec. French and Farms!


It’s been a long drive. I’m ready for bed.


A pool is always necessary when you travel with kids!


Heading through the Metro.


Views inside the Metro.


Beneath the city!


This place is a hit with the University crowd.


It was cold outside!


Interesting museum to say the least…..


The bubbles were a part of the exhibit!


No words……..


I finally understand!!!!


Lots of history in Old Montreal.


Awesome street art everywhere!


Downtown covered in snow.


Heading home!

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  1. Yes! Poutine! You chose the best place in the country to try it, there’s no poutine like Quebec’s poutine lol!
    Canada is best traveled by ground! 💖

  2. I am from Toronto and am ashamed to admit that I have only really driven through Montreal. I need to get up there for a proper visit. I am living in Australia right now and you photo of poutine makes me miss it so much. That is the first thing I am going to eat when I am home this summer!

  3. What an awesome road trip, even stopping a few places in the US! Did you know that in Jersey we call poutine “disco fries”? No one seems to be able to tell me why!

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