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How to Pack for Winter Vacation: Why You Need a Packing List

March 22, 2017
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What to Pack for Your Next Trip:


Thinking about what to pack for your next trip. Every good traveler knows you must check your bag several times before leaving home. For travelers who tend to always leave something behind, creating a list for what to pack provides assurance that they’ve brought everything for the trip. Packing for a winter trip may seem intimidating. But you want to be comfortable and warm. The key to winter travel has always been layers. Creating a list with comfortable, weather resistant shoes is essential. My packing list usually includes jeans, leggings, sweaters and T-shirts. Accessorize to make your look stylish with scarves and hats.

I’m heading to Montreal with my family this week, check out what I’ve packed for the trip below.

***Warm Winter Coat, Scarf,  Sweater, Leggings***

Packing all these layers for my trip means being able to get them all into my bag. Folding your clothes won’t work for long term trips where you’ll be packing a lot. I prefer to lay my clothes on top of each other rolling them together.

Layers, layers and more layers when it comes to winter travel. I’ve got a chambray top, stripe shirt and jeans. For extra warmth be sure to pack leggings or tights to go underneath your jeans.

Don’t forget those toiletries my friends. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant are important. But most importantly you need to pack a small travel First Aid kit, just in case you get sick or have an emergency.

Now I’m ready to go!

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  1. You make it look so easy – I struggle with winter dressing at home let alone travelling! Usually because I’m in denial that it’s winter.

    I was in New York for work a few years ago and realised pretty quickly I did not have the appropriate attire to walk for more than 10 minutes down the street. I watched a lot of tv on that trip.

    1. Sorry to hear that Steph. I think what helps is the fact that I walk a lot when I travel and if I have a lot of luggage that becomes impossible. I think if you mix and match certain pieces it makes it easier to pack, planning ahead for where you will wear the outfits on vacation. I’m heading to Mallorca for a week in May, I’ll be doing more activities and outings which may require more clothes. Either way I’ll be sharing those packing tips too.

  2. The funny part is I am still going to forget a lot of things while packing for my holidays, irrespective of the weather conditions (which is bad). Can’t help but I am careless by birth. You have nonetheless all the things that I usually pack for my winter holidays. 🙂

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