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What to Pack for Iceland in Autumn

October 11, 2017
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Iceland in Autumn = Cold and Wet!

Prepare yourself for the cold, wet weather of Iceland in Autumn by following my easy packing tips. Filled with natural beauty and adventure, you will find yourself wanting to be outdoors your entire stay. The best way to do this is by staying warm and dry. I’ve shared some great items below that are a must  for a perfect weekend trip to Iceland this season. Whether you’re getting ready to walk the streets of Reykjavik or hike glaciers, these tips will help you to get started on your packing list for your next trip.

Wool Sweater

Rain Coat

Hiking Boots


I know what you’re thinking. A bathing suit for cold weather….why? Three words, The Blue Lagoon. This is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland so remember to pack your swim wear for some spa treatments in this geothermal oasis.


Waterproof Pants

Perfect for glacier hiking and whale watching, these are the best pants to keep water out. Stay warm and dry with these stylish waterproof pants.


****Wool Socks****

For people like me who can’t stand to have cold or wet feet, wool socks will do the trick. They will keep your feet warm and dry for those glacier treks.


Packing for Iceland and preparing for a trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world has been exciting. There’s so much to see and do there, the landscape takes your breath away in the process. But, wherever you go this autumn, just remember to have fun and stay safe. Happy Travels!


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  1. LOL as a Canadian all this applies if you visit my country as well, and be prepared for snow from autumn to spring. Having said that we don’t have a Blue Lagoon which is most def on my bucket list.

  2. All smart things to pack for a trip to Iceland, the weather changes so fast it is best to layer. Great add with the swimsuit, so many geothermal areas to stop to warm up.

  3. I loved going to Iceland in the summer, I would love to visit again in the autumn or maybe winter to see the northern lights. Thanks for the packing tips!

  4. Wow that wool sweater is so cute! I love the scandinavien pattern! I hope to find one if I ever will visit Iceland or one of the northern country one day!🙏 Yes and raincoat is a must I guess for Iceland!

  5. Wool Everything! I am not a huge fan of cold. I will use all of your advice when I eventually go to Iceland. I have heard great things about the blue lagoon but it would be weird to swim when it is freezing outside.

  6. I think we’d pack a lot of cold-weather gear. Hehehe! That waterfall looks stunning! A few of our blogger friends visited Iceland, and they said it’s a magnificent country. They said it would be perfect for us since we love outdoor adventures. We definitely won’t say no to an opportunity to visit Iceland.

  7. This is quite useful for you have indicated not just winter wear but also, swim suits and stuff. I would have completely forgotten that even though I want to go see the hot springs. Ah well, glad we have a ready reckoner now.

  8. LOVE going through packing checklists before taking a trip. And with Iceland being on our mind, this is going to come really handy. Won’t goof up with packing this time as we usually do 🤣

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