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7 Awesome Things You Can do in Reykjavik for FREE!

October 25, 2017
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Reykjavik can be a very expensive place to visit, if you’re on a budget I suggest you follow these easy steps to having a good time in Reykjavik for free. I did my research before heading to Iceland, but also talked to many of the locals when I arrived. With a little work there are ways to save money in this beautiful Nordic city.

How to Explore Reykjavik for FREE!

1. Go on a Walking Tour

The first thing I did when I got to Iceland was go on a FREE City Walk tour in Reykjavik. It’s recommended that you book in advance at least 24 hours before your arrival. I really enjoyed this as an introduction to Iceland, it’s history, architecture and it’s current political structure.

2. Drink Tap Water

Yes, water is free all around Iceland, but it’s from the tap. I brought my own reusable bottle for the trip and re-filled it when needed instead of buying bottled water or soda. This is a great way to save money.

3. Discover Amazing Street Art

There is street art everywhere in Reykjavik I discovered. I couldn’t help myself, I photographed so many. I think they really highlighted the artists talent and examples of Icelandic culture.

4. Experience the Unique Architecture of Harpa Concert Hall

Day or night the Harpa is a beautiful representation of Icelandic beauty. The glass surrounding the building lights up at night with colors representing the northern lights. You can also walk around the building at no charge as long as there are no private events in progress.

5. Experience a Sun Voyager Sun Rise

The Sun Voyager is such a beautiful structure, definitely larger than it appears in photos. Experience the structure when the sun rises and it will light up like flames. I really thought it was going to be some overrated structure everyone posts on Instagram, but now I see what the fuss is all about. With the snow-capped mountains in the background how could you not fall in love.

6. Visit Hallgrimskirkja

As one of the most magnificent structures in Reykjavik, Hallgrimskirkja church is beautiful inside and out. I always thought it looked like something from Asgard, but inside it’s even more grand. It’s free to visit and even attend service, but keep in mind *there is a $9 fee to go to the tower*.

7. Picnic at Tjörnin Pond

Who wouldn’t love a nice picnic over-looking a pond. Sit down and relax after a long day and take a look around at all that Reykjavik has to offer. From the mountains in the distance to colorful leaves and houses. This is definitely a great place to unwind and people-watch.  *Please do not feed the ducks*


Enjoy your time in Reykjavik, explore the city and meet locals.

Happy Travels!




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  1. Wow, may I be the first today, I’m glad someone who looks like me travels to these places. Once I build my business, this is a dream to travel around the world. My first stop is Paris, but this is definitely on the list now.

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