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Sauna! Nordic Style

October 10, 2016
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The sauna, what can I say! It ain’t for everybody……

Our hotel in Finland along with our hotel in Sweden had sauna’s. Both were styled differently but one thing that didn’t change, naked women and men. I didn’t take my camera into the sauna, that would be inappropriate. So I found some photos that represent what some Nordic sauna’s look like.  Most sauna’s in Nordic countries are separated by sex, women have their own space and men have their own as well. In Sweden our hotel was a little different. Put it like this, I walked into the sauna area and saw the crown jewels of one gentleman in our hotel as he exited the sauna. The sauna experience was important for me because it is a part of Nordic culture due to their cold winters. What I can say about my experience abroad in reference to being open to new cultures, is that it was a different experience than I ever had using a sauna here in America.  It was important for me to adapt to Finnish and Swedish sauna etiquette, the one aspect I couldn’t embrace though was being fully naked in the sauna without a towel. Eventually, if and when I return to Finland and Sweden, I hope I  build up the courage to be naked in the sauna (no wrapped towel), because the entire experience was calming and enlightening.

When in Rome right!


Stay hydrated

Nudity is normal

Bring a towel

Be comfortable

Relax your body and mind


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