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October 6, 2016
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Suomenlinna is an UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s an important part of Finnish history and holds an immense amount of hidden secrets as well. On Suomenlinna, I separated from my group to explore the island at my own pace. There are six museums on the island, but I only visited the military museum, which was interesting to me. I ate and also bought some souvenirs at the museum. There were artifacts that belonged to the military families that were stationed there. The island was pretty much protected by a fort that surrounded the island. At times I won’t lie I was a little uneasy being in a place with such a long history, but it was important to explore the countries military past and one of the countries greatest tourist attraction. There was also a quirky bookstore I strolled into with books written in Swedish, Finnish and Russian. The island also had a church, residential homes and what seemed to be an outdoor concert area.

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The island can be reached by ferry, which was awesome until birds started invading our space. The last thing I needed was to have a bird crap in my head. I moved along to the inside seating area of the ferry. As its clear to see people are wearing sweaters and light jackets, because although it was May, Finnish weather was still on the cooler side. I certainly look forward to returning to Finland with my children, there’s so much to learn, and it’s important for them to learn about the world and the role they play in it.

So until next time! Hyvästi!



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