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How to Survive an Overnight Flight

May 15, 2017
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How to Survive an Overnight Flight:

Flying can be long and exhausting, especially on international trips. As I’ve just returned from an international trip, with flights that seem to be the longest I’d ever experienced. I thought it would be great to share my own experience of what worked for me on my trip. Here are some tips to help you survive an overnight flight in style and comfort.

1. Get Yourself a Comfortable Neck Pillow

2. Avoiding Carbonated Drinks

***Keep in mind you can’t get through Airport Security with bottled water. But you can always bring an empty bottle and fill it up as you please.***

3. Bring Compression Socks

4. Keep Your Feet Elevated

I was fortunate enough to purchase XL seats on Airberlin which gave me more leg room than the average economy seats. This made for a more comfortable trip than I had experienced on long overnight flights in the past.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing

6. Don’t Forget Your Toiletries

7. Bring Entertainment (Tablet, Noise Canceling Headphones, Book, Magazine)


One more noteworthy tip would be to travel light. Travel with a carry-on to make boarding less stressful. I personally never check bags when I travel, making overnight flights more of a breeze.

I do hope these tips will help you as you get ready for your next trip, domestic or international. Being prepared for travel is something that has always helped me to experience flying with more comfort. Get more travel tips from my monthly newsletters by signing up using the link at the top of my homepage or click Here!


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  1. oo compression socks I haven’t heard that for flights! I’ve used them for running (both on calves and arms) and sometimes feel like my hands swell a little from them. You haven’t had any issues? I’ll have to look into this thank you! 🙂

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