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Tour Review: Bus Travel Iceland

February 5, 2018
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My first trip to Iceland back in the fall was like a dream come true. I’d been there on a brief stop-over without leaving the airport back in 2016. I fell in love instantly and told myself I would definitely be returning soon. I knew if I was going back to Iceland, I’d definitely have to do it right. But on a tight budget you have to plan well and plan ahead. So why Bus Travel Iceland you ask?

Budget-friendly and Efficient:

Bus Travel Iceland was definitely a budget-friendly way to get around Iceland, especially if you’re only visiting for few days. It is free to see the beautiful landscape of Iceland all year around. The only thing I had to worry about was how I would get to the amazing waterfalls and glaciers. After looking at the cost of renting a car and the cost of fuel, I decided it would be cost effective to go with a bus company.

See the Best of Iceland:

You can see the best of Iceland with Bus Travel Iceland. Here are some amazing locations you will visit:




Special Offers:

I liked the fact that they had several special offers for those on a tight budget with a specific agenda.  Because I was visiting for a few days I wanted to ensure I would have my transportation to and from the airport taken care of, along with transportation to the most popular locations on the island. Choosing the Southern Iceland special offer I was also able to get transportation to and from the Blue Lagoon.

I have to say by the end of my trip to Iceland, I had a great experience with Bus Travel Iceland. Every tour guide was courteous and patient. Even when one of our group members didn’t arrive for the meet up time, the bus waited and then went around the location looking for the person. The tour guides told stories of their own family backgrounds. They also spoke about current events happening in Iceland. By the end of it all I learned so much about the country, it’s people and their culture.

I’m heading to Iceland again next year and I know I’ll definitely be traveling with Bus Travel Iceland again.


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  1. I haven’t been to Iceland, but everytime I see it appear in pictures or on a blog, it looks so amazing! I’ve heard that it is quite expensive, but seems to me a bus tour is a good option! And they probably bring you directly to the best sports 🙂 Great article, lovely pictures!

  2. It sounds like Bus Travel Iceland is a buget friendly option for getting around the country. I’m a bit confused about the “free sights all year round” part. Is the bus free, or were you referring to the sights themselves? Beautiful pictures in the post!!! I’ve heard great things about Iceland! Hope to make it there some day!

  3. This sounds like a good bus company for seeing Iceland! I remember seeing all these sights, but with a private tour. Maybe if I return, I’ll check out what other places they go to.

  4. That sounds lovely! I imagine it was very convenient and safe and you got to see some fantastic spots! So nice that the tour guides share a bit about themselves with you. I would look them up if I was going there!

  5. I often find that bus tours are a great, and budget-friendly way to gain an overview of a new city/country. I’ve even been known to take a quick tour to get oriented and set up an even better overall experience. Haven’t done Iceland yet, but really looks awesome!

  6. I absolutely loved Iceland when I visited. Good review, thanks. There were so many places I wanted to go to but didn’t get a chance to. This bus service would’ve allowed me to!

  7. Iceland is such a cool country to visit! Still on my list. And by bus is just great! You don’t have to worry about driving or having to find the attractions yourself 🙂

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