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Travel Diary: Laid Back Costa Rican Vibes

January 24, 2018
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As the year moves forward and I find myself in the 2nd year of blogging, I’ve decided to welcome guest posts by travelers in my life. People who share a passion and love for all things flighty! Check out my first guest post below featuring my long time best-friend Wilma. As much as Wilma and I love to travel it’s been several years since we actually went on vacation together. She recently visited Costa Rica which has been on my travel list for a long time. Since as I wasn’t able to make it to this trip, I thought it would be great for her to share her amazing experience with you here.  

Guest Post:

Enjoying San Jose with the perfect rooftop space.

Pura Vida! Bienvenidos a Costa Rica. I’m a Wilma, it’s such a pleasure to be able to do this guest post. I’m a long time friend of K.J. and like her I love to travel. After coming back from Costa Rica recently I decided to share my experiences outside of my own social media platform.

Costa Rica is like a second home to me. Since 2009, when I completed an internship in Guadalupe, I’ve made several trips there for business and personal matters. Costa Rica is the ideal spot for a laid back vacation. The people are friendly, the food there can be very authentic and delicious. It’s also a really nice place if you’re health conscious and eating clean.

San Jose is the ideal chill out city. There’s so much to do like checking out the National Theater and shopping with “ticas”. The National Museum of Costa Rica and the National Theater of Costa Rica are definitely great places to stop if you’re on a first time trip to Costa Rica. You will do a lot of walking but this is a good way to get to know San Jose up close.

I stayed at the Bambu Eco Urbano which is a very modern Eco condominium located in San Sebastian. I was lucky enough to have these awesome views, including views of the mountains and the city during my stay. For accommodations in San Sebastian I would recommend you look into Airbnb. This will give you a chance to experience Costa Rica up close.

Hope you enjoyed my guest post.




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  1. I’ve heard amazing things about Costa Rica and would love to visit one day. The view from Bambu Eco Urbano looks breathtaking, and it’s great to hear that there are plenty of healthy food options there. Thanks for sharing this travel diary entry.

  2. I definitely feel more chilled after reading this! I’d love to see Costa Rica one day and experience these places for myself. The eco-tourism there is so impressive!

  3. This post certainly does not bury you in information on Costa Rica, but leaves much space to explore the country by yourself. Actually, I’ve spent only one or two days in San Jose since I mainly stayed in the region of Guanacaste, but I know that there are some museums I’ve visited, then there are the markets etc.
    What is the sculpture on the picture – and where is it?

  4. It’s great to have known about this place. If I travel for work to such places, I’m sure I’ll be so jealous at others who chill here 🙂 Would love to experience the authentic food – that’s something I try to explore wherever I go to feel like a local.

  5. This is the perfect type of traveling, laid-back! You’ll get the best out of the city and I agree with all that Wilma had said especially renting an Airbnb apartment. The National Musuem and Theatre are both “must visit” places. Good to have another writer on your blog. Some spice of change is always good.

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