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Eating Vegetarian in New Haven

November 1, 2016
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Vegetarian and Vegan Food in New Haven: 

wp_20161023_15_40_01_proIf your health conscious or just love vegetarian and vegan meal options, New Haven has so much to offer. I reviewed Claire’s Corner Copia http://www.clairescornercopia.com/ on my local eats page, sharing my experience about my meal and my time there.

I have to say there were so many things I loved about this place, including the dessert options. They label everything, helping patrons to make a decisive choice on what they want to eat. I was also impressed by the frosting they used for their desserts.  As a baker I’m always looking for the healthiest, organic options.  They also use organic fruits and vegetables instead of artificial dyes for their frosting. Claire’s is a dream spot for the organic mama. They were kid-friendly. The staff members were also professional, providing great customer service. I think places like this are important at sending an inclusive message to families who want to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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The vegan, gluten free options they offer enables you to have a treat without feeling guilty. Blueberry cupcake, pumpkin cookies, who could say no to these delicious, healthy treats.  If your not into salads, soups and sandwiches, try the many Indian restaurants they have in New Haven, offering you exotic options for a vegetarian lifestyle. http://www.thalict.com/ and http://sitarnewhaven.com/ or http://www.tikkaway.com/

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